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The Joonbyrd Debrief: Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients Image

All You Need to Know About Actives

Serious Ingredients for Serious Results

Whilst we are all about spreading JOY to body and mind, we aren’t frivolous when it comes to our formulations. We believe innovation, efficacy and tangible results go hand-in-hand with the happiness derived from texture, fragrance and color, to create a synergistic marriage of the scientific and the sensorial.

In developing Joonbyrd, it was essential to us to prioritize performance-driven, innovative and kind ingredients. We dedicated over three years of research and development to creating entirely bespoke formulations that deliver on their promises.

The effects of our skincare are, in a large part, thanks to biocompatible active ingredients of the highest grade.

There is no denying the importance of these potent ingredients, yet they are often cause for confusion: what are actives, and what do they do? How do you know if an ingredient is active? And which specific skincare actives should be on your radar? We break it all down for you in our Joonbyrd Debrief below.

Active Ingredients: Simplified

No lengthy seminar here - we have taken all you need to know about active ingredients and summed it up into a three key takeaways:

1. An active is an ingredient within a skincare formulation that benefits your skin in a specific way. Actives are incorporated to deliver meaningful results, and help ensure products are truly doing what their labels tell us.

2. Actives are helpful anywhere you have a specific skin care concern, such as roughness, dryness, pigmentation, blemishes and loss of elasticity. Often, we prioritize our facial skincare, but we commonly see these challenges on our body skin too - so don’t limit your actives to the skin above the chin.

3. Although actives are important, the formulation as a whole needs to be considered: ingredients that aren’t considered “active” are often adept at cleansing and moisturizing, and are imperative in delivering the active ingredients to your skin. It's also important within a formulation that contains multiple active ingredients, that these complement each other.

Our Actives: A Quick Crib Sheet

Now you know what an active is - how do you start to identify which to select for your skincare needs? Read on for a short-list of our actives to address all your body-care concerns.

When you’re searching for health and hydration, you’ll want to see: Amino Acids / Hyaluronic Acid / Vitamin E / Glycerin.

Your Joonbyrd Hydration Heroes: MOON SWIM Body Wash, SUNDAY SOFA Body Butter.

When your skin needs a little pick me up, turn to: Chia Seed Oil / Niacinamide / Lutein Carotenoids / Beta Carotene.

Your Joonbyrd Skin Radiance Picks: LITTLE LOVE Body Lotion, VIOLET HAZE Body Scrub.

When you’re searching for toned, smooth, supple skin, seek out: Rambutan Leaf Extract/ Biomimetic Peptide-Synthetic Sapphire Complex / Green Coffee Oil / Paracress Extract.

Your Joonbyrd Firming Solutions: DAYDREAMER Body Serum, SUNDAY SOFA Body Butter.

We are passionate about every single ingredient in our formulations - active or otherwise - we’ll resist the temptation to list them all here! But rest assured: our hardworking actives, microbiome supports, botanical extracts and function enhancers are all hand-selected based on decades of dermatologic expertise and deep insight into the biology of wellness, to create products that are seriously innovative, seriously effective, yet sensitively kind.