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TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag Image

TerraCycle Bag

Zero Waste Bag

Joonbyrd is all about spreading joy to the mind, body and the planet. Let's breathe new life into packaging waste, helping to keep it out of landfills.

Joonbyrd retails the TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag for items that are difficult to recycle via traditional, local waste collection. These typically include certain types of plastic, lotion pumps, brushes and tools and mixed materials.

How To Use:

  1. Add a TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag to your next order.
  2. Tick "Beauty Products and Packaging" on the outside of your Zero Waste Bag. Fill the bag with any beauty empties that are not refillable or recyclable via standard collection (check specific product information for details). Empties can be a mix of Joonbyrd and other beauty brand packaging components, so we can help take care of all your hard to recycle beauty goodies! A small TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag will fit up to 21 items.
  3. Once your bag is full, create a TerraCycle account at
  4. For label-less return shipping, request a QR code in your newly created account. This ensures there's no hidden or additional costs to ship your bag back to TerraCycle.
  5. Drop your Zero Waste Bag at one of over 5000 local InPost shops or lockers. Find your nearest InPost locker at
  6. TerraCycle will receive the Zero Waste Bag and recycle your waste into new, reusable raw materials. It's that simple!

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