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How to Recycle Beauty Product Packaging with Joonbyrd & TerraCycle

TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag Image

Introducing the joy of conscious beauty. At Joonbyrd we're all about spreading joy, to the mind, to the body and to our planet.

We are committed to choosing sustainable packaging options and sourcing responsibly, here and now and in the future. We are continuously evolving our practices and searching for new technologies to further support sustainability, increase recyclability and reduce our carbon footprint. In the meantime, we’re making it easier for our community to dispose of our hard-to-recycle product packaging and components.

Beauty & The Planet

We're now retailing the Zero Waste Bags produced by TerraCycle, an innovative company working to keep waste out of landfills by recycling items that local municipalities won’t typically collect and giving them a new life, turning waste into all kinds of new things such as furniture, watering cans, and even playgrounds. 

Not only does this help our community feel good about doing their part, it also helps us to pioneer the kind of planet-friendly credentials the beauty and wellness industry needs. 

Predicted spending on beauty products in 2024 is nearly $650 billion. While all of these lotions and potions are amazing for our skin health and confidence, product waste can wreak havoc on the environment.

According to the British Beauty Council, around 95% of beauty packaging is thrown away, with only 9% being effectively recycled. This is because many beauty and wellness products contain components that are classified as 'unrecyclable'. Choosing purely recyclable packaging is often a challenge for brands as these materials may not be robust enough to support product stability and safety. Even though many beauty consumers care deeply about the planet, it can then be difficult for them to easily recycle used packaging and product “empties.” 

A Bagful of Benefits

The aim of the TerraCycle Zero Waste Bags is to keep more of these 'unrecyclable' beauty products and packaging out of landfills. 

Without special schemes like this one, there's a whole range of beauty empties that would be headed for the local waste centers. This includes the vast array of tubes, dispensers, bottles, and caps that make up the average beauty counter - from face and body products to make-up, nail varnishes and hair care.

By using a TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag, we can help keep plastic items out of landfills and reduce the beauty industry's overall impact on the planet. TerraCycle Waste Bags also help items enjoy a new lease on life as a range of recycled and reusable materials. 

How Does TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Bag Work? 

To help you get in on the joy of beauty product recycling, here's a quick step-by-step guide to how the TerraCycle Bags are working wonders for the environment. 

Step 1: Purchase a TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag with your next Joonbyrd order. 

Step 2: When you receive your bag, tick the Beauty Products & Packaging box on the front. 

Step 3: Fill your bag with any beauty products and packaging (this small but mighty bag can fit up to 20 products!) that are not suitable for your usual recycling collections. You can include any of your beauty products and packaging - not just your Joodbyrd goodies. 

Step 4: Create your Zero Waste Bag account on the TerraCycle website, where you can also request a QR code for label-less return shipping. 

Step 5: Once your bag is full, simply drop it off at one of the many InPost lockers or drop shops - there are 5000 across the country, so there's sure to be one near you. 

It’s that simple! Now the team at TerraCycle will take over and start the recycling process, ensuring your used beauty items are disposed of consciously and transformed into new items across a variety of industries.

Over To You

Purchase a TerraCycle Zero Waste Bag with your next Joonbyrd order here, and help us spread the joy!