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Joonbyrd How To: Assess - And Support - Your Skin Barrier

Joonbyrd How To: Assess - And Support - Your Skin Barrier

The Signs of a Damaged Skin Barrier - And How To Solve Them

A Simple Explanation of the Skin Barrier

The skin is our largest organ, and its watertight, outermost surface of its three layers is the skin barrier. Technically called the ‘stratum corneum’, it is your body’s first line of defense against environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution, toxins and irritations, whilst also protecting you from dehydration through water loss.

If this vital defense mechanism gets damaged, the skin loses its ability to hold onto elements that keep it healthy. This can mean that your skin becomes vulnerable, which can lead to dermatological issues - whether itchy, flaking, dry skin; difficult to repair signs of aging or scars, or potentially lead to more serious skin concerns such as psoriasis or eczema.

Symptoms of a Damaged Skin Barrier

Whilst the science of the skin may be complicated, spotting a damaged skin barrier is easy: you simply need to know the signs.

If your skin is itchy or dry, sensitive or inflamed, or you're spotting a lack of elasticity and a hike in wrinkles, it’s highly likely your skin barrier has taken a hit - and it’s time to adapt your self-care regime to restore your skin.

Restoring Your Skin Barrier

Taking time to treat your skin with high-grade ingredients, and doing it regularly, will support in restoring your skin barrier.

The most important step is using a moisturizer that is rich in highly hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid or Amino Acids. These potent, moisturizing components help support in retaining water in the skin and repairing the skin barrier. Our LITTLE LOVE Body Lotion and SUNDAY SOFA Body Butter are both rich in Hyaluronic and Amino Acids, delivering smooth, refreshed skin.

It is also vital to protect from external aggressors. Avoiding too much sun exposure and wearing high-factor SPF, eating healthily (fish oils and antioxidants are key) and drinking plenty of water will help maintain healthy skin.

Finally, but crucially: you need to treat your skin with care. Treating it gently, avoiding hot showers, patting dry with a towel rather than rubbing and using mild cleansers such as our Vitamin-E enhanced MOON SWIM Body Wash will nurture and support your skin.

A Final Note From Us

All our Joonbyrd products are formulated with ALXMD04™ technology, comprising of four ingredient pillars designed to optimize skin metabolism, support the skin barrier and reduce signs of skin stress. So whether you choose one product from our collection, or start a full Joonbyrd routine, your skin barrier will be replenished, supported, repaired and protected.