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Joonbyrd How-To: The HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha

Joonbyrd How-To: The HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha

It Sculpts. It Smooths. It Shifts In Hue. And It May Just Be Your Body’s New Best Friend.

A (Brief) History of the Gua Sha

Gua sha (pronounced “gwah shah”) is derived from the Chinese word for scraping. The practice involves applying pressure to a tool in long, smooth sweeps over the skin.

With origins as far back as the Yuan Dynasty in China, gua sha has evolved into a widely-adopted healing technique.

Benefits of a Body Gua Sha

Regular use of a body gua sha tool helps boost circulation, smooth and firm skin, release muscle tension, aid lymphatic drainage and relieve stress.

We created the HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha specifically as a tool to help complement the benefits of our body care products, and extend your self-care ritual to envelop your whole body.

Crafted using purple amethyst (traditionally known for its healing properties and promotion of strength, clarity and calm) and a bespoke thermochromic silicone grip (that shifts in hue as it reacts to your body temperature), each HEARTWARMER is entirely unique, and the experience of using it utterly individual to you.

The tool's gentle curves are designed to be used for an all-over gua sha body massage, easing strained muscles and sculpting and smoothing the skin.

When used in combination with our DAYDREAMER Body Serum the HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha is clinically proven to boost skin-firming results by 50% and elasticity by over 44%.*

*Independent clinical trial undertaken on a panel of 30 participants, after 28 days of once-daily product use with gua sha massage.

Getting Started with Our Body Gua Sha

Embrace a daily gua sha routine for the body, following the five steps below:

  1. Smooth your favorite Joonbyrd body serum, lotion or butter over your skin. Take hold of your HEARTWARMER (via the thermochromic grip), and hold at a 15 degree angle to your body.
  2. Starting with your arms and legs, glide the wavey edge firmly all over the skin, using sweeping strokes upwards towards your heart.
  3. Next, apply the curved edge to your lower stomach, making circular strokes in a clockwise motion upwards. Follow the flow of the HEARTWARMER with your other hand, applying light pressure.
  4. Now it’s your back’s turn to be treated. Using the wavey edge, stroke downwards on the left and right sides of your back in a firm, fluid motion.
  5. Finally, massage your shoulders and neck with the wavey edge, working downwards from the neck to the shoulders to release tension. Apply 3-5 strokes per area, every day for a full-body, rejuvenating daily ritual.
Tune into our Joonbyrd Jukebox, Relaxation Volume 1, as you gua sha for a little extra indulgence.