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The Joonbyrd Debrief: Sustainable, Refillable Self-Care

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Sustainable Skincare That Spreads JOY To Your Body, And The World Beyond.

Our Commitment to Responsible Self-Care Joonbyrd is a synergistic marriage of imagination and intention, pleasure and purpose. So whilst we prioritize spreading JOY to your body and soul, we do our utmost to make sure it’s not at the expense of the world beyond our skin.

That’s where our commitment to practicing responsible self-care comes in - six actions that hold us accountable to creating sustainable body care, and promising a positive impact on mind, body and planet:

  1. Reuse and Repurpose: the design of our products prioritizes reuse and/or repurpose.
  2. Recyclable Materials: we incorporate recyclable materials throughout our product ranges. And for items that are trickier to recycle via traditional waste collection, we have partnered with TerraCycle to repurpose your waste into new, reusable raw materials.
  3. Responsible Sourcing: we utilize naturally-derived ingredients, responsibly sourced from certified suppliers.
  4. Refills: we offer refillable packaging wherever possible (read on for a deeper-dive).
  5. Recyclable FSC certified: our outer paper cartons and sleeves are recyclable and produced by an accredited B Corp supplier.
  6. Reinvention of Packaging: we are committed to ongoing packaging innovation as technology evolves. Our emphasis is on limiting single use plastic for all future product launches.

Refillable Rituals

We want you to experience affirming rituals again and again, without impact on the environment.

This is why we’ve prioritized our product design to not only bring color and JOY to your bathroom cabinets, but invite you to refill your skincare wherever possible - enabling you to enJOY soul-nourishing self-care over and over.

MOON SWIM, LITTLE LOVE, VIOLET HAZE and SUNDAY SOFA are all available to purchase as refills to top up your existing collection, reducing the use of plastic, general waste and increasing the recyclability of our products.

Prolong the pleasure in every squeeze, feel happiness in every fingerful over again, and experience the love under every lid day after day.