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Well Beyond Wellness

Well Beyond Wellness

Forget ‘self-care Sundays’, looking after mind, body and soul has become a 24/7 business as the $5.6 trillion wellness industry continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives from food and travel to exercise and intimate care.

While we are undoubtedly feeling unprecedented levels of anxiety, critics of wellness culture argue that despite this surge in self-care, many of us continue to feel far from ‘well’, something that is attributed to associations with consumerism and looking inwards rather than engaging in community. It’s also why we decided to approach things differently at Joonbyrd.

Sometimes the very pursuit of ‘wellness’ can be counterproductive to feeling our best. Self-care comes under many guises and what resonates from one person to the next is not only deeply individual, it’s a moveable feast. A yearning for silence and an hour-long bubble bath one day could mean reveling in heart-thumping music surrounded by friends the next. Cue ‘Affective Wellness™’ a new category we are trailblazing in order to effect positive change.

What Exactly is Affective Wellness™?

Affective Wellness™ is a state of holistic, emotional wellbeing characterized by the cultivation of positive feeling, individual fulfillment and deep resilience,” explains Joonbyrd founder Dr Alexis Granite, ‘affective’ relating to the science of emotions. “Our brand mission is to deliver joy with purpose which is central to the concept of Affective Wellness™.”

There are essentially two types of joy; eudaimonic joy, which refers to the joy derived from long-term pursuits such as purpose, confidence, authenticity and engagement and hedonistic joy which comes from more fleeting pleasures that indulge our senses. Both feed into what Dr Alexis has termed the ‘joy loop’. In other words, joy helps us achieve Affective Wellness™ and in turn, being affectively well makes it easier for us to discover and engage in the many things that bring us joy.

So how does Joonbyrd fit into Affective Wellness™? ‘Science with soul’ means that when you look good, you feel good too. We believe in joy with purpose whether by creating confidence-boosting, results-driven formulations, crafting rituals that ignite the spirit, bringing a community together to celebrate the things that make us smile or using design to touch the heart and mind through colors, fragrances and textures.

Dr Alexis’s Tips For Wellness

“Self-care should never feel like work. For me it’s about carving out moments whether that’s three minutes or 15 minutes to find a connection with myself or someone else,” says Dr Alexis who has outlined 4 ways to wellness.

“Find a way to disengage from the pervasive hyperconnectivity. It can be something as simple as incorporating a ritualistic aspect to your skincare regime such as using a gua sha or jade roller or finding a fragrance that you love in the shower.”

“Sharing common interests instantly forges feelings of connection and a sense of acceptance. It may seem frivolous, but having conversations about fashion or fitness with your network can serve as an escape from the stresses of everyday life”.

“Think small. Wellness doesn’t have to be laborious. Sprinkling micro moments into your day and forging snackable habits such as stopping to pet your neighbor’s dog (or your own!) or taking a gorgeous nature walk, all add up.”

“Never underestimate the power of exercise. I’m a huge proponent of using fitness to boost body and mind. Any type of physical activity that gets your body moving will help to enhance mental well being through mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as endorphins and dopamine as well as lesser-known ‘hope molecules’ which are secreted by our muscles as they contract.”