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Joonbyrd Dialogue: All About Body Serums

DAYDREAMER Serum Texture

Dr Alexis’s Body Serum Masterclass

Supercharged serums have long formed part of skincare aficionados' beauty routines. But there is often an aura of mystery and an air of confusion around a serum’s reason for being.

If you’re struggling with the what, why, where and when of body serum-use, Dr Alexis breaks it down for you below.

Q. What exactly is a body serum?

A body serum is a high-performance, actives-packed formulation The texture of a serum can vary greatly - they can be somewhat oily, or have a gel-like, viscous consistency, or feel extremely light and almost water-like - but the purpose remains the same: to penetrate the skin, delivering high-quality, active ingredients.

Q. Can you tell me what a body serum does?

It seems like something much more suited to the face… This is a particular point of passion for me - but I’ll try to keep it brief!

Firstly, why should the face have all the fun? With over 90% of our skin below the chin, caring for our bodies - whether with high-quality serums, lotions or body washes - is vitally important. The body skin barrier is our first line of defense against environmental aggressors. Body care keeps your skin hydrated, healthy and happy.

In terms of body serum use specifically - if you’re suffering from common dermatological challenges (which I see time and again in my clinic patients, such as dryness, pigmentation and loss of elasticity) - a serum can offer significant benefits in terms of hydration, tone and texture.

That’s because body serums are specifically formulated to treat the skin on your body. As skin on our bodies is generally thicker than the skin on our faces (and often less sensitive), it can withstand higher concentration of actives, and often needs more intense hydration. Serums are the perfect delivery system for our body’s needs, penetrating the skin more effectively, meaning more impressive results.

Finally, more and more in my practice I see the connection between the mind and the skin: how we feel about our skin impacts our emotions, and our emotions in turn affect skin health. Body confidence builds self-esteem, which creates a foundation for more JOYful living - and we're all about helping you feel the JOY.

Q. Sounds good! So how would I use a body serum? And where?

In terms of a routine, it’s best to apply after cleansing or exfoliation to ensure the skin is as clear and prepped as possible to adequately absorb the body serum.

Whilst you can absolutely use a serum all over, I would recommend focusing on those parts you especially wish to treat. With our DAYDREAMER Firming Body Serum, I smooth the product over target areas such as my upper arms, belly and thighs, and then massage deep into the skin with our HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha. The gua sha's gentle curves are designed to ease strained muscles and sculpt and smooth the skin, as well as boost circulation and aid lymphatic drainage.

DAYDREAMER has the most unique oil in gel formula, which is deeply replenishing and toning, but also absorbs quickly. The scent is so divine, I get asked all the time what I am wearing when I have DAYDREAMER on. I always follow with a moisturizer for a happy hydration hit, but in hotter, humid weather DAYDREAMER can be a cooling lifesaver when used alone.

Q. Well, DAYDREAMER sounds….dreamy. Can you share a little more?

I have to say - whilst I love all our Joonbyrd family - the product I feel most proud of is DAYDREAMER. There is really nothing else like it on the market in terms of the unique, rich, honey-reminiscent texture, the extensive active profile of ingredients and the mood-boosting fragrance. It took us many months of lab work to bring it to market, but finally chemistry and artistry combined to bring DAYDREAMER to life. It was a real labor of love.

DAYDREAMER is fortified with 18 active and botanical ingredients alongside Joonbyrd's signature grains and greens mix. Prebiotic inulin, derived from chicory root, helps balance the microbiome, while functional Songyi mushroom extract supports the dermal extracellular matrix. The delicious scent I mentioned is designed to evoke optimism, with its dreamy cashmere musk aroma, layered with notes of amber, guaiacwood, jasmine and caramel.

Q. What results can I expect to see from using DAYDREAMER?

I created Joonbyrd as a place where the sensorial meets the scientific - and whilst we are driven to create revitalizing self-care rituals, achieving real results is a non-negotiable.

So, of course we tested DAYDREAMER under clinical conditions to make sure it was meeting both your skincare and self-care needs.

DAYDREAMER is clinically proven to boost skin firmness, elasticity and microcirculation*, and hydrate for up to 48 hours**. And when used in combination with our DAYDREAMER Body Serum, the HEARTWARMER Body Gua Sha is clinically proven to boost skin-firming results by 50% and elasticity by over 44%.***

But you won’t just see the results in your skin. Whilst DAYDREAMER smoothes and tones, its texture and scent powers up your positivity. DAYDREAMER is a dose of powerful optimism and potent actives in a bottle.

*Independent clinical trial undertaken on a panel of 30 participants, after 42 days of once-daily product use. **Independent clinical moisturization study of 30 participants, measurements taken at application, 24 and 48 hours. ***Independent clinical trial undertaken on a panel of 30 participants, after 28 days of once-daily product use with gua sha massage.