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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Skincare is the wild west of the beauty world thanks to a dizzying array of products and ingredients, each making bigger and bolder claims than the next. No wonder many of us are turning to the expertise of those who have made their careers out of working with skin, as doctor-led brands assume their place at the top of the beauty agenda. We trust board-certified dermatologists above all others, whilst science-driven formulations founded on medical expertise and innovation lend automatic credence.

What they don’t all share however are covetable packaging codes that elicit an instant emotional response or the smells and textures that invite mind and body to luxuriate in a metaphorical marshmallow of joy. Cue Joonbyrd; everything you’d expect from a doctor brand and yet nothing like what you’d expect from a doctor brand.

The Doctor Will See You Now

With an exceptionally rare dual medical license in both the UK and US, Dr Alexis is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading dermatologists. Adept at cutting through the noise,  she is regularly called upon as a consultant and key opinion leader for numerous powerhouse skincare brands, and was recently appointed to the Advisory Board of the British Beauty Council.

Dr Alexis’s compassion and holistic approach to her patients’ care alongside meticulous attention to detail and carefully honed clinical experience has long made her an insider favorite. It’s a philosophy which also informs her own brand, as Dr Alexis seamlessly weaves her decades of dermatologic expertise into each and every Joonbyrd formulation.

Prescription For Joy

Dermatologist-led formulas and joyful packaging need not be mutually exclusive.

It was this realization that prompted Dr Alexis to create room in the beauty space for products that delivered on science without feeling clinical. After all, why should color detract from authority?

“Serious skincare doesn’t need to feel stuffy. In my role as a dermatologist, I’ve seen that if the experience of applying something to your skin is an enjoyable one, you’re more likely to do it which is a win-win for you and your skin. Just as I don’t wear a white coat in my clinic, I wanted Joonbyrd to feel inviting and to resonate with people. You can still be every bit as serious on the inside whilst still having a little fun on the outside.”

Joonbyrd draws on her unique insight into the biology of wellness for a synergistic union of the sensorial and the scientific. Joonbyrd’s insignia hues are an aesthetic palette cleanser, inspired by the pleasure Dr Alexis took from opening her Persian grandmother’s lotions and potions as a child.

“I wanted to create a range as emotionally intelligent as it is efficacious,” says Dr Alexis.

“Created for the doers and dreamers alike, every Joonbyrd formulation is seriously innovative, seriously effective but sensitively kind. Let’s wash the world in color, one product at a time. 

Because little things make big things happen.”