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Body Talk

Body Talk

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

A quick scan of the average bathroom shelf or tally of videos dedicated to evangelizing facial routines in the digital world would no doubt reveal that when it comes to skincare, our faces tend to command the beauty limelight.

But whilst body care is often relegated to a perfunctory shower gel or no-frills lotion, change is on the horizon as we start to recognize that skin health doesn’t stop at our chin. Pinterest cites that body care is set to have a ‘major moment’ this year after seeing a +1025% uptick in searches for ‘body skincare routines’, something leading dermatologist and Joonbyrd founder Dr Alexis feels passionately about. “98% of our skin is found below the neck so it stands to reason that building awareness of caring for skin beyond the face is vitally important.” It’s also why, after three years in the making, we decided to launch with five products devoted entirely to the skin on our bodies. After all, as Dr Alexis reflects “why should the face have all the fun?”

Meet The Body Champions

Our launch range is designed with everybody (and every body) in mind. Intended to invite restorative rituals, forge mind-body connections and transform bathrooms into sanctified spaces, every performance-driven product is formulated with clinical efficacy in mind.

MOON SWIM Body Wash is a creamy caramel latte infused, rich cleansing gel, with a gentle, sulfate-free formula that provides a deep cleanse while fortifying the precious skin barrier with vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and prebiotic inulin.

VIOLET HAZE Body Scrub is the body care step needed to up the ante in the soft skin stakes thanks to skin smoothing chia seed and sugar granules combined with soothing niacinamide, adaptogen Siberian ginseng and nourishing cocoa and shea butters.

Like their skincare counterparts, Joonbyrd body serums are designed to target specific concerns, drawing on facial-grade active ingredients and innovative formulations. Turbocharge your body care routine with DAYDREAMER Firming Body Serum which is packed with targeted botanical extracts to tighten, as well as a biomimetic peptide and synthetic sapphire complex to stimulate dermal metabolism and boost collagen and elastin production.

Hydration is also key to body skin health. Follow next with LITTLE LOVE Body Lotion – a nourishing lotion enriched with beta carotene and amino acids that feels gratifyingly decadent. Or for those in need of a little extra indulgence, SUNDAY SOFA Body Butter provides a dollop of nourishing comfort food for your skin with a good enough to eat chocolate and cardamom imbued fragrance.

Science with Soul

Seriously innovative. Seriously effective. Sensitively kind.

At Joonbyrd we believe that beauty should be fun, but the results should be serious. Joyful nostalgia may be at the heart of the brand but so too is science; with every formulation drawing on Dr Alexis’s extensive medical background. Every Joonbyrd ingredient is hand-chosen, from sustainably sourced powerful plant extracts to carefully appointed actives born in the lab.

“Skinification is the concept of applying ingredients or habits traditionally associated with facial care to other personal care categories,” says Dr Alexis, whose focus on skin health has ensured that every Joonbyrd product is steeped in advanced research and innovation.

Powered by ALXmd04™ technology incorporating hardworking actives, microbiome support, botanical extracts and functional enhancers, Joonbyrd formulations have been crafted to make your skin smile, reimagining body care one sumptuous slather at a time.